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So more noob questions from me.

I finally got my legacy, now what to do with it. I hear you give to your next toon and whatever it is becomes more powerful and the further you go down the line of toons the more powerful it gets. Is this true? I got a legacy box. I haven't opened it yet because I didn't know if I should open it first and then send it to my next toon who is thought out but not made yet.

Is the Jedi Sentinal class quest really that hard? I have a guy who is about 3 or 4lvls below me. We have teamed up in the past for heroic quests and such but he has invited me on some of his class quests saying the boss is really difficult. Personally I think its his strategy and not the boss. For example on the heroic quests he doesn't wait to figure out who and what to attack first he just attacks. The only time I got him to listen was when he was dead (happens alot) and I said this next guy has about 89k hit points, let me flash him and then go thru my routine first I can knock off 2000hps off the bat. Don't attack until Spar does. He waits and Spar soaks up all the damage and HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only does he live but none of us died.

The bosses he has trouble with don't seem to be that hard or any harder than the class bosses (which include a few dark jedi as well) I face and I am just a smuggler.

If I shoot a guy first and then someone else in the group kills him does he just light up for me or for both of us. It seems in some groups I will see someone lit up and noone is going after the loot so I go after it.

Do I get xp points and legacy points for PVP and Warzones?

Why is there no Tython commendation vendor in the republic fleet? I went to Tython just to get the datacrons and got some Tython comms. Can't spend them anywhere but Tython. Am just going to give them to my next toon which will be a jedi but was just wondering.

Speaking of datacrons. If the Legacy system lets your next toon have certain perks does that include the abilities you learned from all the datacrons your first toon found?

All I can think of for now.

Just for fun the 2 best names I have seen, well maybe not best but funniest, other people use are

Captain Under Pants

Busty Panty Chaser

Feel Free To Disagree.....Most People Do Anyways
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