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"I hadn't heard of many Havoc Squad Jedi. Plus the problem with that would be chain of command. If I recieved an order that went against my morals, I probably wouldn't follow it."

Vlalkor leaned back in the pilot's chair and grinned. "To be honest, you would be the first jedi in Havoc squad. And to be honest, I would probably do the same thing if an order went against my morals. But suprisingly, that situation comes up pretty rarely and the Commander always does the right thing. I've seen him detain war criminals rather then kill them."

"The Commander has earned the respect of everyone in our squad. He's pulled us through countless battles. I would trust him with my life."

"That include lightsabers?"

Vlalkor grinned again. "Yup. I don't really understand the different crystals that some jedi use on their lightsabers and the opportunity to work on them comes along only once in a great while but if I have the right tools I can usually improve them quite abit. In fact, I once helped rebuild one after it was nearly destroyed in combat."

"You know, some of these ships really need a co-pilot to land without taking damage? Especially away from a spaceport."

"Agreed." Vlalkor said as Zarev walked onto the bridge.

"Zarev, what's the plan?"

"The plan is get to the main republic base here. The ship that Voleran stole on Tatooine was a republic vessel. It's likely he landed it somewhere else on the planet but it wouldn't hurt to check with the main republic base. They also might be able to tell us where the ship landed. If we catch up with Voleran the plan is to approach with extreme caution. He didn't reach the rank of Jedi master by preaching wisdom and peace. The Mandalorians consider him a worthy foe."

"Alright everyone. Grab your weapons and lets get going."
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