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"Here. It's time to move out, and if you would, stay close to me. I could stand to watch someone's 'six', and have them watch mine. You never know what might happen out there."

Avriela took the offered lightsaber and clipped it to her belt. The double-bladed lightsaber left a comforting weight on her belt. The lightsaber had saved her life on many occasions and she doubted she would ever be able to give it up.

"Don't worry." Avriela said with a smile. "I'll be sure to make sure you stay safe. I doubt Zarev would forgive me if anything happend to you or the others. Not to mention Corsail would probably try to kill me if anything happend."


"The base should have a med bay that could give him cybernetic eyes. C'mon, the sooner we get there, the sooner we find Voleran.",

"Agreed." Zarev said as he made sure that his lightsaber was securely attached to his belt.

"Hey, is the boarding ramp down yet?",

Vlalkor hit a few buttons and the ramp quickly descended to the ground and hit it with a dull thud. "It is now." He said. "I'm going to assume that someone is going to have to stay behind and make sure that no one steals the ship."

"And I assume that I'm the one who stays behind." Zarev nodded to Vlalkor. "We might need a quick pickup in case anything goes wrong. Keep the sensors active as well and let us know if anything goes wrong."

"Yes Sir." Vlalkor said as he saluted.

Zarev suddenly turned around. "I wonder where Traver is? I haven't seen him since we left Tatooine."
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