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Corsail searched through the armory but couldn't find his blasters. Light had them last, he must of put them somewehre else. Just as he remembered who had his weapons, Varik bumped into him, shoving him against the ships wall. "I'm amazed you can avoid tripping over your own ego." he spat after Varik, as he clutched at his wounded arm.

He quickly followed after the others to the main hold, hoping to find Light there.

"I wonder where Traver is? I haven't seen him since we left Tatooine."

"I saw him shut himself up in his room before I went to my quarters, thats probably where he's at." he answered to Zarev as he joined the group. He turned towards the exit ramp with a frown, "Why is every nerve in my body screaming that this planet is going to be swarmed with imperials?" he asked to no one in particular. "And why do I have to waste time looking for my guns on this blasted ship!"

Lets rock and role play!

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