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PC Gamer article on the ILM involvement

Originally Posted by PC Gamer
To create that elevator visual, ILM found the guys who created the original hologram effects in Episodes IV-VI, who work at LucasFilm Animation in the same building as ILM and LucasArts. They discovered that the effects were achieved by looping VHS footage over and over, and found a way to recreate it.
Originally Posted by PC Gamer
To prove what we’re looking at is in-engine, real-time rendering, the devs indulge in a bit of Blade Runner-style zoom and rotate while they’re showing it off to us in their San Francisco HQ. As the player character and his boss bundle a Trandoshan onto the elevator and descend to 1313, the devs stop and zoom in to examine every one of the pores on their faces. It isn’t flattering, but it’s a powerful demonstration of the detail in each inch of game.
Originally Posted by PC Gamer
As art director Dave Smith explains, that extreme fidelity brings a unique challenge: “We have to build the things digitally as if we’d actually built them for real.” He points to a battered storage crate: “This is a metal crate with a layer of undercoat on it, then another layer of paint, then a treatment finish.” A crate.

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