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The ideal situation is:

Great player on a great instrument in a great acoustic environment with a great mic placed exactly right through great cable into a great preamp onto a very high definition recording medium.

In that case, there may be no need for any EQ on mixdown/ playback.

I'm from the old school... pre-ProTools "in the box" method of recording/ mixing. I've had to splice 2" 24-track reels of tape together... and the only way to get professional results was to have a place that was at least as big as a garage, with a mixer longer than your couch, and a tape deck as big as a refrigerator, and more expensive than most folks first house and first car combined.

Then I got into live sound... which doesn't use plug-ins much either. (Though that's changing with many of the newer digital consoles coming out...)

As a result, I've never worked much with plug-ins. Most older processors are now available as plug-ins with the original algorithms intact... so all you are really losing is the Analog/Digital conversion stage and the buttons and knobs interface that most rack units offer. Neither of these should be an issue.

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