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"We'll talk more when I get back, alright?"

Vlalkor nodded. "Sounds good. All of safe out there. And if you run into any imperial squads be sure to blast em."

"We're taking the speeders right?"

Zarev nodded as he headed over to one of them. "Correct. Balmorra from what I heard is filled with toxins from the various factories across the planet. The speeder's should get us to the main republic base quickly so we're not exposed for too long of a time."

"I can't help but think Corsail's right. Balmorra isn't the most peaceful of worlds, although with its almost-total abundance of industrial sites, we can find plenty of places to hide if we need to. At least, I hope so."

Zarev thought for a moment. "We can't let any imperial forces know that we're here otherwise our job is going to get a lot more difficult. In the event that we can't hide or we're spotted before we can reach a hiding spot we're going to have to take out any imperials that spot us."

He looked across the group.

"Is everyone ready?"
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