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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Because no one has the emotional energy to mourn for so many people. We have to detach; to engage is debilitation.
Very true. It would be very difficult to mourn for the billions of lives cost during the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, "The Great War", WWII, the lives from the Holocaust, and the lives lost from Korea, Vietnam, and 9-11.

However, despite MANY people losing MANY loved ones, the incident of 9-11 ultimately brought us all together.

The terrorists' intentions on 9-11 were obviously to demoralize our nation by taking the lives of hundreds, including the poor firefighters' lives when they were coming up the stairs to rescue the trapped people while the building collapsed.

However, the exact opposite of what the terrorists' intended happened.

They expected us to become demoralized, broken, and defeated, but at the end, all they did was unite us even more as a country.
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