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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
[Not taking you out of context(as you have accused me of doing in the past), just shortening it to explain what I'm responding to.]

Perhaps because this isn't Kavar's people don't want to get into the political aspect of it.

And honestly, I could give a rip about the sensitivities of the people who think it's okay to kill someone over the portrayal of their prophet and god. Oooo they offended me. Now I have to suffocate the ambassador of their country. Until they have their reformation and their clerics formally denounce killing people because some knuckle dragger decided to post a hateful video on the internet, they can suck it.

(sorry for the rant... it's rather personal for me)
It is slightly personal for me as well. I am a Muslim, although most cannot tell right away because I am Caucasian.

Every time the religion convo. pops up, and I state what I believe in, they ask me if I'm a terrorist.

I mean, really? And it's ten times worse for me, because I live in the south (Georgia). Most people here are just dumb*ss, ignorant, and prejudiced rednecks.

Even though they cannot tease/insult me physically because I am 6'5", I still occasionally recieve insults. I am above most people on a maturity level, so I won't resort to threatening to beating people up.

Forgive if I sound like a b*tch. I feel a ton better now that I expressed myself.
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