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@mimartin: Those terrorists are the minority. Those terrorists are the same minority who would kill someone over a cartoon. The next generation terrorist would still be in that same minority that you would have us "understand." You put more weight into the underlying cause. I was explaining(probably badly) that I don't care about their excuse for attacking us. They will make their own excuse. This whole excuse of infidels walking in Mecca is just BS. They are simply murdering f***tards who deserve no sympathy or attempt to understand their reasoning. If we were to yank all our troops out and allow Israel to be driven into the sea, they would find a new excuse to hate us. There are certain clerics in that region that would feel right at home in The South if you simply replaced the religion with "Baptist." Those clerics push their brand of hate. They give their people excuses to murder people not like themselves. Heck maybe they could run as a Republican and talk about how much they hate gay marriage.

@thejman217: No worries, I was not offended. I felt I needed to clarify because I realized that it may have seemed as though my attack was on all the followers of Islam, rather than the select few who become terrorists and would murder people over their offense.

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