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I never said anything about making anyone happy. Sorry you seem to be adding preconceived notions into what this liberal, fascist, commie, pinko is saying, when I am actual closer to Ronald Reagan in my ideology in this department.

Yes I try to understand people that have such hatred, even those in the KKK, but again I could careless on how to make them happy. I would like to stop people from getting to that point, from what I have seen in life and from what I have learned in school we are not born with a hate gene. It is a learned emotion.

Note: Rush and Beck are blowholes entertainers much like Maher (even though Maher is more intelligent and funnier), I see no real danger with any of them except for the idiots that have blind faith in them and listen to them like they are preaching the gospel. I far more sacred of idiots that put such blind loyalty in those outside of the media spotlight.

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