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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
"I'm not saying you're close minded. But you're close minded."
Man, my analogy of things is really terrible.

Hahaha. I laughed pretty hard when you restated my poor choice word order. XD

I meant that he's not close minded.

However, the second part of my statement when I used second person, it was not directed at mimartin.

@minartin: Crap, I sound like a hypocrite don't I? I took the time to read your whole post, but (shame on me) even though I am a senior in high school taking all honors and AP classes, I still had trouble detecting what you where trying to say.

For me, it is difficult to detect sarcasm on the Internet unless one puts an emoticon or applies the use of emphasis.

Sorry if I p*ssed anyone off. I didn't mean to sound like I am contradicting myself and being a hypocrite.

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