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"Do we have enough speeders for everyone? Varik left his on-world, right? Then the one I knocked into Corsail might not be in the best condition. And Avriela didn't have one to start with. Plus Kif..."
"We might have to have a speeder or two with 2 riders. And those will be slower than the others. Maybe we should all double up? To stay together. Maybe have a forward scout if there's an odd number of us. Is Traver coming?"

"It's possible we could jury-rig the one that Corsail was hit with so it lasts until we reach the republic command post. Then we can do proper repairs. And I agree with you: If we can have two people per speeder we'll be able to move everyone. It will be a bit slower but it pays to have an extra set of eyes on this planet just in case we run into trouble."

Zarev shook his head as Traver was mentioned. "I honestly don't know. I think that hes still upset with the fact that I wanted to bring Avriela with us. I'll talk to him once we get back."

"Weapon at the ready."

Zarev nodded as he thought of something. "Remember everyone, this planet is crawling with imperials so keep your weapons at the ready."

Zarev walked over to one of the speeders and motioned the others to follow him.

"Remember, stay sharp."
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