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@JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan: Those verses are certaintly applicable to the terrorists today obviously, but for the majority of the Islamic population worldwide, I don't think it applies to them a significant amount.

Sure, the Koran states that one must not befriend a Muslim. However, I myself am not a strict Muslim, and neither are my parents. I pray twice a day, once in the morning and once before i go to bed, but not five times a day. Almost all of my friends are Christians, atheists, or Hindus.

I don't think today's Muslims are straight up defying the verses of the Koran, because it would be highly impractical to meet (and reproduce) with only other Muslims. We would have eventually died out if we only reproduced with other people from our religion. I think they are just ignoring the verses, because it is morally wrong to kill people from other religions. (some may view ignoring these specific verses as sin)

@LynkFormer: not political views, but religious views.
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