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some questions about kotor 2 (spoilers)

so i finished the 2 games for the 1st time (and it was good play even if it's old)

i got 2 questions for now (maybe more later lol)

when i returned to telos hk 47 went to the factory - where did bao dur go (later you get his small droid to finish malachor)

when i met carth on telos after the battle when i left bastila told to him "did he know" and he said no what was that about

now it's a shame there is no kotor 3 so what is the best mod i can play as kotor 3 that finishes the storyline ?

also what about tor does it continue the story of kotor and kotor 2? i don't like playing online but i might try this

ps: if this is not the right section maybe a mod can move the topic to the right place
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