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I noticed. I haven't donated yet... biding my time.
Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
It'll be coming out in April 2014 (expected), and is set for what is a *very* ambitious 1.1 million, which may seem like peanuts in the video games industry, but is enormous in Kickstarter. The nearest project that *achieved* $1.1 million was a music project by Amanda Palmer that made $1.19 million - at 1,192% funding.
That's not right. There have been quite a few that passed a million. Wasteland 2's starting point was 900,000, with a final of over 2.9 million, plus additional PayPal donations for a grand total of over 3 million. And it's not that ambitious, seeing as how it's 35% there already... which was to be expected judging by Wasteland 2's previous success. And it's not even the most funded video game...

Halfway there now.

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