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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
More like all of the above...You put 5 Americans in any room and you get 25 different opinions on any subject.
Samara'd have approved.

Sam was freakin' hilarious.

As to the whole susceptability to killing others, I agree that for most of us it might be a matter of education/environment, but there's also genetics to consider. Some people (as individuals, not groups) are just more predisposed toward violence. You could spend your life teaching people to love one another, but the right set of circumstances can reduce us to savages. When you start wedding things like ideologies (secular or theological) with ambitions and ignorance, you get a volatile explosive mix.

Re the whole west vs islam issue and terrorism in general, it mostly seems to be a case of asymetrical warfare. Most, if not all, radical muslims know that they cannot defeat the US (or Russia, Europe, PRC, etc..) on the field of battle and must find other ways to defeat their sworn enemies. This is part of the reason I don't buy framing the "war on terror" as a law enforcement issue. I'd also guess that a lot of westerners in general, and Americans specifically, might be less suspicious of muslims if they fought harder (or even at all in many cases) to control the radicals amonst them. No doubt that many muslims might say they'd be less antagonistic toward the west if it weren't so meddlesome in their backyards.

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