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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
I noticed. I haven't donated yet... biding my time.

That's not right. There have been quite a few that passed a million. Wasteland 2's starting point was 900,000, with a final of over 2.9 million, plus additional PayPal donations for a grand total of over 3 million. And it's not that ambitious, seeing as how it's 35% there already... which was to be expected judging by Wasteland 2's previous success. And it's not even the most funded video game...

Halfway there now.
There have been, but like the Palmer project, they have been grossly overfunded as well. If this game gets to just 100%, it will be in the Kickstarter Top 10. Going by the trend, it will likely go well beyond 100%. It already has the highest target goal of video game Kickstarters, and therefore has the serious potential to be the biggest project in Kickstarter ever.

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