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I suspect the final total will end up around 3.5 mil, just slipping past Double Fine to make it the highest funded video game, but a long way short of the highest funded game related projects (i.e. Ouya) and the various other big players in other categories (like the Pebble). They are already at 730K at the time of writing though just a day in (or not even), so who knows. It would actually be cool to see them break 10 mil, but I can't see it maintaining that much stamina.

I'm interested to see a bit more info about setting. I'm kind of over generic fantasy at this point, and Sawyer's blog the other day seemed to suggest they probably won't be going for the approach of subverting genre tropes. With the whole RTwP and playing up the Infinity engine spiritual successor angle, I can't help but think this is trending towards being a fairly mass market style of game, rather than the more niche focussed type of thing you'd expect on Kickstarter.
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