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Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
What is RTwP?
RTwP = Real Time with Pause. In other words, the system used in all the Infinity engine games (i.e. Baldur's Gate 1&2, Icewind Dale 1&2, Planescape: Torment). This is a halfway house between turn-based (e.g. Fallout 1&2) and real-time (action button mashers of Diablo's ilk), designed to give you some measure of strategy and tactics but up the pace to something more suitable for a mainstream audience.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
If by "niche-focused", do you mean "more in the style of Arcanum than DA2"?
More or less. Something that adheres more to the roots of the genre than the watered down console action games that pass for RPGs these days. An IE-alike is certainly welcome (BG2 is my favourite game after all), but it does seem they are definitely leaning towards more of a mainstream game than what some of us might otherwise have expected (or been previously lead to believe).

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
I'm wary of sending in $20 for a game that's not even in official dev. Is this a stickup?
You're unfamiliar with Kickstarter I take it? The whole point of it is to fund new projects starting from the ground up, not to pay for existing products. Is that a gamble? Absolutely. As Hallucination said, you won't be charged unless the project passes its funding goal (having just sailed past 800K at the time of writing makes that a surety), but beyond that the risk is entirely on you. If a project is funded but fails to deliver on its promises then you are on your own - Kickstarter absolves itself of all responsibility. I'm sure we'll see this happening in the next year or two, small indie teams that have taken in money but are unable to meet their commitments. I would say in this instance that if you feel unable to gamble a measly $20 on a company the size of Obsidian, Kickstarter is really not for you. Assuming they reach their targeted release window, you can always wait and pick up a copy of the finished game via Steam or whatever other platforms they go with in early 2014.

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