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"So, what's the plan? Should we just pick our pairs?"

"No offense, but I'd rather take my chances with the busted speeder then share one with any of you, as long as it's in rideable condition that is." he said as he walked over to the damaged speeder. He looked it over, seeing if anything needed to be repaired.

The left side of the handle bar had been smashed and bent in, one of the miniature blaster canons built into the speeder was broken, and some of the inner circuits were damaged, everything else seemed to be working alright. He activated the speeder, half expecting it to blow up in his face, but after a few seconds the speeder made low humming noise and turned on.

Alright everyone, we're good." he said as he hopped onto the damaged speeder, "Now pair up and lets go."

Lets rock and role play!
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