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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I simply suggest having the color crystal to be changed out like any standard saber. Then folks can modify it to any way they so desire.

If the picture indicates Revan's saber, then I imagine lots of Jedi (or later Sith) made very similar sabers. It doesn't necessarily have to be his, just one that is an exact replica. (After all, doesn't Revan have it with him in TOR?)
Getting custom sabers to work with vanilla crystals doesn't work as easily as one might think. I tried doing it once and the best I could do was make it so when you brought up the color crystal section on your custom lightsaber it'd give you doubles of each crystal you have. If you chose one of the duplicates, it'd change the custom saber to that color. If you chose the second duplicate it would change the custom saber to the default saber with that color.

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