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The Grid

Some might get what this is from the title, but it might not entirely be that. I mean, if this was a more advanced engine(say Unreal), it might be possible to get a look that is exactly like the movie. But it isn't, and there are limits.

Anyway, this aims to make certain areas of the game, look like areas within the Tron world, along with some characters, especially if they appear exclusively in certain areas. Some of the party members will also get this treatment, although at this point, I am excluding at least Mandalore(since I won't be doing Duxn/Onderon) and Hanharr(Since he doesn't wear much beyond the belt). Others I might as well, but definite at this point are the Handmaiden, Atton, Kreia, Mira, and Visas.

Before a few preview shots, a summary of the areas:
Peragus - Mostly normal, but hints of corruption
Harbinger - Corrupt
Citadel Station/Military Base - Normal(although with some hints of corruption where possible)
Polar Academy - Corrupt(Is this too much of a hint?)
Narr Shaddaa - Corrupted(Mostly red lines, some some hints of blue)
Ravager - Corrupted(Beyond a few placeables, this place looks...EVIL)

As for screenshots, they can be viewed here:

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