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Perhaps it wasn't made clear to you earlier, but it's that cracked swkotor2.exe that you're using that's causing this. There is no crack for KotOR 2 that is properly patched to version 2.1, and it's with version 2.1 that the swoop racing bug you're experiencing was finally fixed. The only way to fix that bug is to use the swkotor2.exe that is included with the 1.02b patch along with the original game disk.

As far as widescreen goes, KotOR 2 supports 1280x768 natively by changing the width and height values under both [Display Options] and [Graphics Options] in the swkotor2.ini file and letting either your monitor or GPU scale it up from there. No mod and crack required. Not perfect, but neither is the mod, because the HUD is still stretched and fugly anyway.

And, finally, using that piece-of-crap "1.0c patch" along with TSLRCM is a recipe for disaster, not to mention completely unnecessary, as TSLRCM already fixes everything that 1.0c claims to fix, and does so without stolen work. There are just way too many conflicting files, there, and I have no idea why anyone would even want to attempt it.

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