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I got the new Star wars X-wings minature game. Not much too it. Really simple. Kind of similar to the game Blue Max only it doesn't use a Hex Grid. Models are fantastic tho for 1/270 scale. IN the instruction book they describe how they got actual models from Lucasfilms then put them in AutoCAD to make a metal prototype for the plastic models. So far they have X-wings, Tie Fighters, TIE Advanced (Vaders TIE), and Y-wings.

Each fighter has a "Dial" that you use to determine you maneuver. this is hidden and revealed when all select your maneuver. you can move 1-4 spaces, and/or do a 45 or 90 degree turn. at faster speeds you cannot turn, but you can do a loop. Really not much variety here.

Things start changing when you include actions. Depending on your ship abilities You can perform a target lock, barrel roll (move one space left or right), evade, or focus.

Then you get to fire. if they are in your front 90 degrees less then 4 "Spaces" away you can shoot them. Roll your attack dice, and the opponent rolls their defense dice. these are custom 8 sided dice. (Attack dice have 3 hits, 1 Critical hit, 2 Focus, and 2 blanks. Defense dice have 3 Evades, 2 focus, and 3 blanks).

Because of the KISS concept (Keep it simple, stupid) it is only 2-d combat. and there is not much variety in the performance of craft. This IMHO is the downfall of this game because it cannot have enough variety in the game for expansions.

I don't think it would be too difficult to add your own custom craft (A-wings, Millennium Falcon, Slave I, TIE interceptors) with custom Dials and ship cards.

basically maneuver you ship, which matters a little to line up a shot. Roll your dice which matter a lot, and apply results. rinse repeat.

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