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Wow, this thread made me incredibly happy. I recognize so, so many of you. These days I'm playing Highnoon by Happy Latte, truly an awesome game. Currently its for Iphone only however that might change soon. Check it out hope to see yall around. I miss MOTS and all the people who made it what it was. (dragonfires mullet) [^_^] Shaker trying to teach us yanks german. lol

In words already stated. MotS was truly the best online gaming experience/community I have ever been apart of. If anyone manages to get some of the old timers back together for some games I will load it up in a heartbeat." here here.

yours truly,


I started "GOD" (Gangsters of Diligence) in the coda of MOTS, I remember many of you and thanks for such a memorable experience.
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