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Originally Posted by mattig89ch View Post
1102.) When you have a Myth and popular culture term paper to do, and you choose to do it on KoTOR 2.
Corrected it. Its not a philosophy, its taking all the general myths that have been over the world, and relating characters/events to them. Hope that didn't ruin anyones idea of what the paper would be about.

1103.) when your watching the fleet battle in season 6 of Star Trek: Deep space 9, and you think that a 2:1 battle in favor of the enemy isn't that bad and you wait for someone to use battle meditation.

528) ... and you make her do it half naked, in undies only. o.O ... and you extend this to your female boss
583 - Your female boss agrees
530) Your boss thinks you nuts for trying to wield a lightsaber
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