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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
KOTF? Seriously?
Oh yeah.KOTF npc's are harder.Yoda vs Sidious + notarget is awesome.Meaning waching both npc's fight.And there is no way to break saber lock.Atleast i couldn't do it.I remember i loaded Utapau map,freezed time.Spawned npc's in their popular fights(example:Obi Wan vs Grivious) and always chose Darth Vader as my enemy.Darth Vader and General Grivious(four sabers) are invisible to other npc's.I think that recently i found the problem.Greivious is class protocol.He can attack but no npc notices him.Unfortunetly there is something wrong with my npc's and i need to reinstal.Oooops.Went off-topic.Again

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