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So... you know how I said I was still playing but then up and left after the whole server transfer fiasco with the name changes? Well, after writing up a premature post about how I was done with swtor forever and ever and ever, I decided to actually check the game after mim guilted me into doing it in his mother-hen ways and it looks like I'm back in.

I have managed to keep all of my toon names EXCEPT for one. Ashnard has lost his name... but, I can live with that. His name out of all of them had the lowest priority. As mim told me over skype, looks like people who have invested the most time into the game, etc, get priority over their names... which means that's it's a good thing that I spent all that time playing the game and it's a good thing I decided to stay put on Vornskr and preserve my toons names.

It's been a turbulent few months in terms of my toons and swtor, but I'm glad I stuck to my guns and refused to move to try to save my toons identities. |

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