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As the speeder headed for the Republic Base, Zarev couldn't help but notice that it was getting darker very quickly. We should have stayed aboard the ship for the night. he thought to himself. For all we know there could be snipers just waiting for us to drop our guard.

As he continued to watch for imperials he thought for just a brief second that he could feel someone reaching out, trying to touch his mind.

The feeling of someone reaching out to him returned a moment later but this time it was much stronger. And it was so familiar. Zarev's eyes widened in shock as he recognized it.

My apprentice...My padawan...

"Master Beval." He whispered.

My student...There is something stirring in the shadows. An evil that the galaxy has never before seen, an evil that may one day bring the galaxy to it's knees. When I was dying, I saw the future, what would happen to both the Republic and the Sith. The dark man will rule all if he is not stopped.

Master Beval, who is the dark man?

A man like no other, A man that even the Emperor of the Sith would fear if he knew. I am sorry my student, but my time draws to an end.

Master wait!

Stop him...for the sake of both The Republic and The Sith Empire, for the sake of the galaxy he must be stopped. Beval's voice trailed off as what force energy he had used to communicate with his former student was used up.

Zarev's eyes opened wide as the full impact of what he had heard finally settled in. Something worse than the Emperor...Something that threatened the galaxy itself!
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