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You should prepare for a good portion of your beefs to remain for DA3.
  1. They have mentioned a number of times they are addressing the recycling, so you should be ok with this one.
  2. The dialogue wheel and ME style vague summaries is remaining (along with voiced protagonist).
  3. Almost certainly you will be human only again. Primarily because of the cost of recording extra protagonist dialogue, but they'll likely sprout some line about other races not fitting their "artistic vision".
  4. This was not in DA1 either, so it's probably an unfair gripe to level against DA2. It seems highly unlikely to be included in DA3, especially for height, due to potential alignment issues with cutscenes. Can't have anything that might adversely affect their cinematic artistry.
  5. Again, this is something not restricted to DA2. Bioware is the king of illusion of choice. It's the price you pay for their style of narrative. Despite their claims to the contrary before the release of ME3, it's their story and you are just watching a movie of it, occasionally pressing some buttons. Across their back catalogue the only real choices that result in noticeably different outcomes are usually right at the end of the game: godhood or mortality in BG2 TOB, lightside or darkside in KOTOR, open palm or closed fist in Jade Empire. In both DA2 and ME3 the choices offered at the end were much more of the illusion of choice variety, and I wouldn't be surprised if DA3 is of this latter variety.
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