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Personally I liked Šragon Age II well enough. It was different from Origins, but still fun. Some of it was worse than the predecessor, other things were better.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
1) Reusing the same environments over and over for supposedly-different quests. For example, there is a series of several taking place in caves, but no matter what your objective in those caves may be, it's the SAME. EXACT. CAVE. I kid you not...
While most games do this to some extent, in Šragon Age II it done so overtly it was glaring. A better mix of new and recycled, and more effort taken to conceal reuse of areas, would indeed be nice.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
2) The dialogue wheel for Hawke. Dragon Age: Origins had more thoughtful options.
I'm a bit mixed on this. The ability for your character to build a distinct personality, which was then reflected in dialogs, cutscenes and even ambient oneliners, was a very nice touch (joker-Hawke is still my favorite). Having spoken lines for the protagonist, instead of just a nodding mute, was also a large improvement. Though the dialog wheel did suffer from some of the same vagueness as it does in the Mass Effect games. It's not always obvious what your character will say or do when a particular option is picked. This could've been solved as easily as displaying what will be said in a popup tooltip if you hover the mouse over a response option.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
3) The fact that you couldn't play a Dwarf or Elf in Dragon Age II. That was one of the most attractive features of the game for me.
Given the plot of Šragon Age II it is understandable why they did it. It's hard to tell a character-centric story if the protagonist could come from vastly different cultures and backgrounds. So while it does annoy me slightly (like the fixed nature of the Nameless One i PS:Torment did), I understood why they did it, and it was not enough to ruin the game for me.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
4) Customization. Why couldn't you customize Hawke's weight or height, for example?
Variable character size makes for a major headache when doing animations that's supposed to interact with another character or object. In Skyrim they solved it by resizing characters to the default size whenever they interacted with something, but that ended up looking silly too when an Altmer suddenly shrunk as soon as they sat down on a chair or leaned against a wall

I suppose the only real options here with the current technology is to either use the same character size for everyone (ŠA2), resize on the fly (Skyrim) or not use character animations that interact with other characters or game world objects (Guild Wars 2), or make a number of fixed body sizes and then make animation combos for all the different body sizes interacting with each other and game objects, which would increase the amount of animation required exponentially, which isn't really worth the time and effort.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
5) Lack of meaningful outcome options for most of the quests, even the main ones.
It's a Bioware game, most of their games have a strictly linear main plot, and while you may be able to say different things, and in some cases choose between quests, you always end up in the same place.

Makes for good storytelling, though at the cost of player participation.

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