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Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
I believe a long time ago I put my entire game folder onto a disc, no so that I could play but so that I could just move mods over and back and what not without having to redownload. The computer was capable of playing it but immediately when I tried to save or load a game it told me that there was no space to save or load.
Relly? I wonder why...? You get it on a disc, and you're loading onto the computer so I'm not sure what's wrong here exactly.

I'd imagine that it would work with a USB Flash Drive. You'd probably want something in the 4-8 GB range depending on how many mods you have and what not.
I guess I'd agree with that now that I revisit this idea...

Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
Hahaha, I sure as hell haven't.

I wonder why people didn't think of this?

It never even dawned on me to try that.
I thought of it awhile ago when flash drives were in their fledgling years but dismissed it out of hand because
1) it wasn't large enough space,
2) priorities, was "frivolous pursuit" so not that important once space became available. Now that I revisit this, though and with the suggestion above of not having to reload mods and whatnot, it's getting me thinking about it...

This sprouted from the idea of putting my emulators and roms (original and hax'd) on a portable device. An older PSP works for this as does a pocket device currently at thinkgeek specifically meant for this purpose. Again, never went for it.

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