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New jedi robe

Hello, I'm back and I have a new request.
About the file g_a_jedirobe04.uti. I modified the texture value from 4 to 5 to associate my. tga. It works well
But if I try to add a property, or changing the name or description. In kotor lose everything and the icon appears without a name, description and properties.
I'm following the guide "How To Make A Custom Jedi Robe. PrtyLizardJedi by"
I did this step correctly:
"go to LocalizedName. In the STRREF enter -1 in the first box, (right next to the STRREF: letters) and 0 to the one below. Here you will enter the name for your item. I will name it Jedi Battle Robe, choose the name yourselves if you want to. Now go to DescIdentifed and do the same thing (enter the -1 and 0). Write here the description eg. background of the Robe. Then go to Tag. Change the g_a_jedirobe01 to g_a_jedirobe02. Do the same with the TemplateResRef. Then change Texturevar from 1 to 2. Then save the file as g_a_jedirobe02.uti."
But I do not get the result.
I am using 1.3.1 Kgff

Uploaded with
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