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Griff (Mission's Brother) spawn fix

I looked around and never found a mod or patch that fixed this but as of late I have been running into not having Griff spawn at sand people's camp despite having all the right triggers done.

I have completed the quest before in previous plays so this is new to me.

As for mod ideas I was thinking of a NPC (probably a Sand People guard) that sees Mission in your party and brings out (force spawns) Griff so the quest can go on.

I think Darth333 had an armband that could spawn NPC's but I have PM him and I don't I'll get a quick response and his links all go back to PCGM.

Any help would be great.

EDIT I actually found a working download link for Darth333's spawning armband but even having that and reading up on the scripting tutorials, I believe the problem to be probably a global variable gone rogue or something either way I'm well and above my head.

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