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Found an egg

So I was datacron hunting on Taris, was trying to get the one near Brejiks Run Outpost, went up the pipe and turned the wrong way. I went right instead of left. Jumped across a building, ran a little further and lo and behold I found an egg.

I hear it is rare to find one since they have a long respawn rate. I had previously seen the one on Alderaan but died falling off the cliff trying to find a way down to it. I just told myself later after I do my quests I will come back to it and see what it is all about. I never found it again.

So I was pleasently surprised when I found this one and how easy it was to get to.

My guildmates on the Shadowlands server told me the steps I need to take to hatch it which I will probably do later in the future but were impressed I found one saying it was rare to find them in game.

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