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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post

Yeah going to have to throw my lot in with some of the seasoned modders here. So far as creating new ones...I don't know. Maybe? I seriously doubt if you could 'create' a new class--but maybe someone here could inform me otherwise?

I've only ever worked on dialog or altered the player character's appearance to something else and given him Malak's voice. More just playing around with existing tools than modding really.

I have poked around enough to find there are other classes already in the game:

Hm. You mean the incomplete ones not used in the game?

Bounty Hunter being one, though can't remember the rest. This from my rusting memory of that TSL warp band mod.
I hope I'm clear this time (sincerely, not snide or sarcastic). It's not adding new classes into the already existing class system. It is supposed to work as such:

There are a few feats that read 'Prerequisites - /co/'. In the case of this mod, one power would read 'Prerequisites - Jedi Crusader'. The Jedi Crusader, as stated above, will not be selected as a class according to the already existing class system. It will instead be a feat, one that acts as a buff (if you feel it necessary), or one that does nothing, like battle meditation does with bastila.
Once you have this feat, you will have access to the feats that require it. It works much like a tech tree, just without the tree. Example;

--------------- Presence
Jedi Crusader--- Calming Aura - Imp. Calming Aura
---------------- Serenity - Imp. Serenity - Mas. Serenity

KotOR feat selection doesn't work like that, I know, but you get the idea; not working off the pre-existing class system.
Now the way you get this, or any of the 'Classes', is up to you, but I would like to mention that you should ideally have it only available from a dialogue (like battle precognition in TSL).

Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
Theres really no poin because you wont be able to play as them. Only npcs or as your second class, but then you won't be a force user.
About force using stuff; the flame throwers and shock arms for droids are in the same slot as Force Powers, only they rely on charges. Would a feat be able to grant something like that? (though without a limited amount of charges. This, I think, would be useful for another idea of mine, but that would be getting off topic)

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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