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Not much to say with the mod’s progress right now, except to say that it is progressing. Every woman is now fully voiced (hooray!), and the rest of the men are coming soon. All of the main characters are sorted, it’s just a case of people voicing the numerous smaller roles.

While I’m waiting for all that to happen, I though it might be fun to take a post to explain how exactly this mod came about and what exactly I was thinking when I started it.

Originally, I didn’t set out to do a mod this size. The first plan was more of an alteration to the ending.

I was going to change the end of the final level in TSL, so the player has the option of sparing Sion. After the fight with Kreia, he would then approach you and say he knows where Revan has been hiding. He would then join your crew (in Kreia’s place), and you would travel to the edge of the galaxy.

There, you find Revan waiting. He’s fallen to the dark side, is leading the ‘True Sith’ army, and is planning to return and conquer the galaxy. The rest of the mod then takes two routes.

If the player is dark sided, they could join Revan. You would then return to each of the main planets from Kotor2 and kill it’s ‘leader’ to destabilise them (or something. Remember, this never made it into any real production). So for Telos, Lieutenant Grenn, for Nar Shaddaa Vogga the Hutt, for dantooine whoever you sided with, and the same for Onderon.

If the player is light sided, you would have to firstly escape from Revan, but then return to each of the leaders and save them before the true Sith get there.

Whichever path the player chooses, after all of the above, Carth Onasi would organise a big battle which would take place on the open areas of Dantooine, and whoever wins frees or enslaves the galaxy.

If I’m trying to get to some sort of point here, I think it’s this : I believe a large part of the reason why I’ve managed to get so far with something this size is because I didn’t set out with a massive plan, then became disappointed by how much work would be needed to pull it off once I really understood all the modding stuff.

Even between the first full release of the mod and what I’m finishing up now, I’ve just been adding more and more small things.

So, that’s my advice for anyone wanting to try for a massive mod. Start off small. That way, it wont feel like as much of an impossible task, and if you feel confident, just keep on expanding until it takes on a life of it’s own. If it turns out you can only produce a smaller mod with a few new modules and a few side quests, then you can finish that and feel very satisfied, and trust me, even finishing a small mod and getting it released is a very satisfying experience.

Next time I may explain my idea for a Kotor1 mod I never got around to doing. It was a fun idea and someone else might want to give it a go themselves.

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