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I just purchased the KOTOR collection yesterday and installed both games.
Now when launched 1 and got into the main menu and stuff, changed the resolution and then KOTOR closed. When i tried to launch again it wouldn't even get past the picture with dark malak (before main menu). After uninstalling it and re installing it, i was able to get back into the main menu and i went back to settings to change the graphics and it did the exact same thing. Re did the installing and just didn't fiddle with settings and just clicked play. I was able to create my character and as soon as i hit play the game shuts down cause windows says there is a problem.

I installed KOTOR 2 to test it out and as soon as i launch the game it says windows has found a problem and it shuts down. Didn't even get to an image.

I am running Windows 7/ with intel i5

I thought the game was released again on disc because it was compatible with vista and windows 7?

Is there anything I can do to make these games run? ( i shouldn't need to patch the game since it is already patched on disc plus I tried using a no cd crack with an actual KOTOR collection with no success)
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