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I am unclear on how Sage/Sorceror are getting buffed - but as of now, I'm not looking forward to any changes to my preferred class.
And you may feel the need to reassure me that it will be better, but from a strictly aesthetic point of view, I'm not going to like it at all that Force Wave/Overload are getting tampered with. I think it was perfectly fine the way it was - and I dont want the animations changed at all.
I read that the degree of affect is up from the original 120 to 150 degrees..but really, why would a Jedi or Sorceror limit the area that he uses the Force to push away attackers - to a 150 degree cone in front of him?

By the way, I have a technical question I might as well put here.
With updating to 1.4 (and with any patch or update), should I do a repair files scan from my launcher when the actual patch/update finishes?
Thought I'd ask just in case.
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