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Hello I'm new in the forum, first I want to congratulate all of the tool makers for keeping Jade Empire Alive and the moders for all that amazing mods.

I got a couple of questions for you:

1. Can you tell me how much cut content the game has in some sort of list?
2 How can I add a new style? could you explain me please how to do it step by step?

3 Do you know where can I found lothario1132 mods?

4 How I add those style to a merchant or put them as a reward??

for example: I wanna add tien's justice as a separate weapon rather than a upgrade for one, also I wanna add the four lost styles (lothario1132 styles), I wanna know if you know how I could access to the locked flyer mission and after that I put this styles in game can I upgrade them with skill points or i must do something first??

Thank you. Sorry if I have a bad English

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