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I have, though for TSL it is not consistent. I just cannot seem to even pass the 3rd echani combat test onward, on hard difficulty even exploiting the save feature, probably due to the lag my machine has. Tried differing specs for each class but nothing worked either.

Though I'll tell you this: On TSL (no mods), if you stay too centered in the gray alignment such that you cannot enter Ludo Kressh's tomb on Korriban, you miss out on a lot (even without the hississ exploit so you can level up to lv50). Also my first time through I mis-spec'd my character AND it was a consular because I wanted a challenge...and when I fought Darth Sion the second time around he was nearly impossible to defeat. I had to exploit the hell out of save states. Barely won.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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