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Originally Posted by peacockharris View Post
Loving the work you're doing on the mod. Just a question, and I hope you don't take offence at the fact it's concerning a similar project by another modder, but are you familiar with the KOTOR Ultimate Mod by 'Thunder3'? (
As far as I can see, aside from also having further ambitions to make new models and cutscenes, he seems to share the same fundamental goals as you when it comes to the retextures.

I'm just wondering how you (or other members here) feel your textures differ from his. Is one of your projects more of a reimagining while the other is more faithful to the original textures? (only enhanced in quality)

I'm liking what I see with both projects. Just wondering what everyone thinks. Is 'Visual Enhancement 2012' more or less extensive? Which one deviates more from the original textures?

Again, I don't intend to offend by bringing someone else's work into your topic.
Well let start by saying ive seen the mod and he seems to be sticking to the original look. Which is fine for those who like that idea id never discourage anyone making.this types of mods as it is time consuming. My mod is completely re imagined so its good for those that dont mind something different. Any way thanks for checking out the offense taken..
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