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I'm trying to invent a 'smart script' to automatically heal yourself(Here I mean your companion to auto-heal themselves), but it doesn't do anything at all in-game. The script is K1, though if it ever works, I'll adapt a TSL version:

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EDIT: I'll expand and explain the script. Sorry for not doing so earlier.

This script is to be placed inside, or related to, the heartbeat script. It is supposed to check if you meet the prerequisites for the force power cure and then checks if you have the advanced form, Heal, and if yes, it casts it; if you don't have Heal, it casts cure.

IF you don't have either power, it embarks on a jpourney to see if you have a medpac, then an advanced medpac, and finally a lifepack. If one of the tiers of healing items returns false, the script will use the previous tier item, or if tier one fails, nothing happens.

I might also mention that all of this only happens if you have less than half your max health(I hope I set that part up right with
int CHEALTH = GetCurrentHitPoints(oPC);
int MHEALTH = GetMaxHitPoints(oPC);


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