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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post

Ah okay. Well I guess I was mistaken.

I'd go for something like Berserker for a wookiee or somethng.
within lore, there is a thing called the Wookiee Berserker. So it would be good idea to make Zaablar and a few of the Wookiee bosses into Wookiee Berserkers.

I do have a few good ideas for Combative Implants and Gear Sets. I would need help to get some of the passive feats made.

One of many Combative Implants floating in my head is the Republic Combative Implant 1 is blends Echani Martial arts Feat tree, Melee Weapons and 1 to 2 Blasters Trees to 1 implant.

I do think that the OP is talking about not classes per say but Specialization for Classes. There is a difference a class and a specialization.

For example, in DAO, There is the Rogue class but it has 4 specializations(Assassin, Duelist, Bard and Ranger). Even if you pick one of the specializations, you are still a Rogue, just a Rogue with extra abilities from that specialization.

I do think there is a way to synergy between some of his ideas and some of my ideas.

Borrowing some of the feats from TamerBill's mod thread, Dark Rage and Killer Instinct. Juyo Mastery as a passive Lightsaber form tree,(it is the same as Kotor 2 version but more feats to it) as a new feat tree. Combing Master Force Focus, Dark Rage, Killer Instinct, Juyo Mastery, Lightsaber Specialization for the feat part of the implant. this implant increases Wisdom, Dexterity and Charisma by +4. Increase Saving throws +5 and Health/Force Regeneration increase. Extra Dark Side damage. And the Implant is called Dark Strength. So this implant makes the player late game feel like Palpatine.

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