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So, more noob questions from me. I am at lvl49 now and seemingly have lost the guy who kept asking for help only to find a new guy who is lower lvl's doing the same thing. I am getting to the point where I automatically look for groups as soon as I log in just so he can't invite me .

But questions,

1. If an item is bound can I still send it to MY toons when I get them created? Cause if not then I clear out a whole bunch of space in my cargo bay.

2. What are all the colors you can choose from for Twilek and Mirulian when you get it opened up?

3. Does HM mean hard mode for missions that you may have done earlier?

4. If I send my legacy box to my next toon, even tho I am a smuggler and they are a jedi, can she use it at the Jedi legacy toon vendor instead of the smuggler one?

5. Do the matrix shards I collect all have to be the same color before I can make a relic? And how many do I need to make one and where?

6. Where do you get the artifac fragments to use to purchase from the Curator vendor on the fleet.

7. I found the Tyhon comm vendor on the fleet finally (right next to the Ord Mantell one) but is there a Quesh comm vendor on the fleet and if so where?

8. Speaking of comms, can those be sent thru the mail to my toons or to anyone for that matter?

9. Is there an invisible armor? I see alot of people run around in their underwear and don't seem to take alot of damage.

10. Can you level faster just doing PVP as opposed to doing the story?

11. How do you get Valor points? Mine is still at 1 and I am not sure how I got it. Is there a faster way to get Social points besides grouping in stories, heroics and flashpoints? I am halfway to 3.

12. When I buy faster xp for my legacy toon does that go for all my toons I create afterwards? Or do I need to buy those for them as well?

13. Do you still get Legacy xp after you reach lvl 50 and if so does Legacy xp ever end?

I'll stop right there

Thanks in advance


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