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I'm too lazy to answer all of them...

Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
1. If an item is bound can I still send it to MY toons when I get them created? Cause if not then I clear out a whole bunch of space in my cargo bay.
If it says "Bound" only that character can use it, if it says "Bound to Legacy" than any other character you have on that server can use it.

4. If I send my legacy box to my next toon, even tho I am a smuggler and they are a jedi, can she use it at the Jedi legacy toon vendor instead of the smuggler one?

5. Do the matrix shards I collect all have to be the same color before I can make a relic? And how many do I need to make one and where?

7. I found the Tyhon comm vendor on the fleet finally (right next to the Ord Mantell one) but is there a Quesh comm vendor on the fleet and if so where?
No, the Quesh comm vendor is only on Quesh for some stupid reason.

8. Speaking of comms, can those be sent thru the mail to my toons or to anyone for that matter?

9. Is there an invisible armor? I see alot of people run around in their underwear and don't seem to take alot of damage.
There are a couple of skimpy pieces of armour available, but no, no invisible armour. Another reason why it may seem like they are taking a lot of damage is because the game may have glitched and hasn't loaded the armour assets on those toons... but I haven't seen that bug occur for quite awhile since it was fixed many moons ago.

10. Can you level faster just doing PVP as opposed to doing the story?
If your legacy level is high enough and you have the money to buy the legacy perks that give you the extra experience points, yup.

11. How do you get Valor points? Mine is still at 1 and I am not sure how I got it. Is there a faster way to get Social points besides grouping in stories, heroics and flashpoints? I am halfway to 3.
You get valor points from PvP. Social points are only if you take part in group conversations and if you defeat hard mode bosses in hard mode flashpoints and operations with other people.

12. When I buy faster xp for my legacy toon does that go for all my toons I create afterwards? Or do I need to buy those for them as well?
No, those particular legacy perks are only for the toon you bought them for.

13. Do you still get Legacy xp after you reach lvl 50 and if so does Legacy xp ever end?
Even if your toon is lv50, you still get legacy exp. The level cap for Legacy at the moment is 50. |

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