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i am alright...the money i made to shoot some sweet weapons (M2, M320, M4) made coming back home kinda suck. nothing to do here but wait...guess ill pick up SWKOTOR and SWTSL on steam. made some more friends in another unit i am attached to, getting promoted this month as well!!! hoping to stay deployed as long as i can so when i get home i have enough in my bank to where i can go back to school full time and manage to have a good time without drinking. kinda talking to my ex. possibly meeting her tomorrow, if only to get buncha my **** back. then going out with my friends for wings and drinks then up to my parents' on wednesday i least my 360 is there.

annual training was went by too fast for me. next up is mobilization and deployment so if you all dont hear from me thats what im up to.

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