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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
Well, this is incredibly silly...
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It really was just a missing TXI.

I swapped out the texture for a completely invisible one as Fallen Guardian suggested, and of course that made everything visible again. However, anything less than completely invisible would bring the problem back; this led me to conclude it must be a TXI issue, and so here we are.

Now, I noticed that source of this window texture is from Dantooine. I want to make sure changing it doesn't adversely affect anything anywhere else... but I don't remember any windows on Dantooine. Anybody know where it's from?
I don't remember those two textures being used for Dantooine(DAN_Wn01, DAN_Wn02), but I could be wrong about that. I found out the same thing myself, although I didn't add a txi file. So in this image, it is using both the Alpha channel and effect as in the normal game:

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I haven't yet checked if you can see through this window yet, though obviously the Hawk is visible(though that might not mean much, since it is the same in your images in the first post).

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