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Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
Haha.....with the exception of "un-savable" Force Crush, most of the other force powers were usually saved by Revan in tomb, Sion, Nihilus, and Traya.

Anyone notice how Malak and Nihilus wield their lightsabers are the same? What's it called? And can you download it as a mod and apply it to your character?
Malak and Nihlus hold their sabers the same way, because Nihilus' model is built with the same animations as Malak's. The only way you can use it yourself, is if you get a disguise item that makes you look like Nihilus.

If you do so, you might want to get this to, since otherwise, you don't have access to some of the animations(you will make the attack and do damage, but the model doesn't move, aside from the idle animation):http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...ion_Fix;119242

As for Traya, she isn't easy. Sure, it isn't the most difficult fight in the game, but when you consider how many points she has, it is rather daunting. As far as I can remember, she has 1000 points, plus whatever your current VP is, times 2. So say you have about 250 VP when entering the core. Her's will be around 1500. So the more points you have, the more she does.

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